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Windows REHAU Euro Design 60

REHAU Euro-Design 60 profile has a 3-chamber structure with an installation depth of 60 mm. According to the latest requirements for thermal insulation of residential premises, this system is recommended for use in the 2nd temperature zone of Ukraine (South of Ukraine and Transcarpathia). The REHAU Euro-Design 60 system is an economically feasible choice for […]

Heat transfer resistance coefficient Rw - 0.65 m²K/W
Sound insulation Rw, P = 41 dB
System depth of the 3-chamber design: 60 mm
Windows REHAU Euro Design 70

The REHAU Euro-Design 70 profile system fully complies with the requirements of the State Program for compensation for thermal modernization of the housing stock, which requires the use of profile systems with a 5-chamber structure and an installation depth of 70 mm for glazing residential premises in most of the territory of Ukraine. Windows made […]

Heat transfer resistance coefficient Rf - 0.8 m²K/W
sound insulation - up to Rw, P = 43 dB
System depth of the 5-chamber design: 70 mm

Excellent thermal insulation of windows made of REHAU Brillant-Design profile provides coziness and comfort, even when there is snow and blizzard outside. Thanks to the 70/80 mm box depth and two sealing contours, REHAU Brillant-Design windows reliably protect against cold, drafts, moisture and dust. Five air chambers act as an insulating barrier between the low […]

Heat transfer resistance coefficient Rf = 0.77-0.82 m²K/W
sound insulation up to Rw, P = 43 dB
System depth of 5 chamber design: 70/80 mm

The REHAU SYNEGO profile system combines special technical characteristics with a unique profile design. Thanks to the 7-chamber frame design and 6-chamber sash design, combined with a system depth of 80 mm, the REHAU SYNEGO profile system provides maximum thermal insulation. The small size of the bindings increases the transparent part of the windows and […]

Sound insulation up to class 5
System depth of construction: 80mm
Hacking security from class 2
ALT F50 post-and-transom facade system

The transom-post facades combine aesthetic design with good performance. The basis of the structure is a visible glass array and a hidden aluminum frame that provides reliable fastening. The ALT F50 facade system is designed for the manufacture of enclosing structures of varying degrees of complexity – hinged translucent structures, roof structures, skylights, winter gardens, […]

Heat transfer resistance coefficient Rw - 1.21 m²K/W
Sound insulation Rw, P up to 48 dB (depending on the type of filling)
Apparent width of profiles up to 80 mm
Sectional doors and security shutters

Sectional garage doors are designed for installation and use both in the private segment of buildings and for industrial buildings. Automatic electric drives and remote control of opening and closing make the operation of garage doors as comfortable as possible. Window shutters are a modern and reliable alternative to window grilles, which sometimes simply distort […]

high thermal insulation
Long service life
Protection against corrosion
Plastic Slopes

The set of works on finishing window and door openings includes: 1. installation of a plastic sandwich panel around the perimeter of the window, using a starting profile (if necessary) 2. installation of a decorative corner 3. sealing under the window sill 4. sealing of external seams with waterproofing sealant “Stiz-A” 5. painting of external […]

Service life - more than 30 years
Installation time - up to 2 hours per window
No problems with cracks, fungus and freezing
Fabric roller blinds

The use of fabric blinds (as many people call roller blinds) is a new word in creating a modern and unique design for residential and office spaces. They combine the practicality of window blinds and the comfort of classic textiles. The widest choice of colors, textures and patterns will easily “fit” the novelty into any […]

Open and box roller blind systems
Day-night systems
Roman blinds and Plissé
Entrance metal door “Sagan”

Entrance doors “Sagan” We specialize in the sale and installation of high-quality armored doors for houses, apartments, offices from TM Sagan. Constant research of the entrance door market allows us to keep track of new technological processes and design solutions in time, which allows us to provide our customers with better products of a modern […]

Standard series
"Classic" series
Metal-MDF series
Window sills and ebbs and flows

In almost every home, the window sill is a favorite place to place flower pots, various figurines and other little things that are dear to the heart. Recently, the window sill has also become one of the most important interior items that can sparkle with unusually bright colors. Window sills have different types of coating […]

PLASTOLIT window sills - easy to maintain
PLASTOLIT window sill - does not fade in the sun
PLASTOLIT window sills - high strength

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