Windows REHAU BRILLANT-Design - Okna system


Windows REHAU BRILLANT-Design - Effective thermal insulation combined with sophisticated design
Heat transfer resistance coefficient Rf = 0.77-0.82 m²K/W
sound insulation up to Rw, P = 43 dB
System depth of 5 chamber design: 70/80 mm
Описание Windows REHAU BRILLANT-Design

Excellent thermal insulation of windows made of REHAU Brillant-Design profile provides coziness and comfort, even when there is snow and blizzard outside. Thanks to the 70/80 mm box depth and two sealing contours, REHAU Brillant-Design windows reliably protect against cold, drafts, moisture and dust.
Five air chambers act as an insulating barrier between the low temperature outside and the high temperature inside the room (or vice versa in summer). This profile structure provides extremely high U-values

Constructive depth:
70/80 mm / 5 cameras
The thickness of the glass unit:
up to 41 mm
EPDM 2 sealing contours
Thermal insulation coefficient:
Rf = 0.77-0.82 m²K/W
Noise insulation:
up to Rw,P= 43 dB
Burglary protection:
to class 2 (ENV 1627)
Air permeability:
class 4 according to EN 12207
Water resistance:
to class 9A according to EN 12208
High thermal insulation allows you to save money on heating and air conditioning
Sound insulation of up to 43 dB will allow you to enjoy the silence, even if there is a road with heavy traffic outside the window
The width of the reinforcement chamber is 35 mm, which allows the use of reinforcement with high mechanical properties for the manufacture of large structures
Environmental friendliness:
The profile system is environmentally friendly and recyclable
Thanks to its rounded shapes and HDF technology (High Definition Finishing), the REHAU Brillant-Design profile has a perfectly smooth glossy surface. HDF provides low porosity of the profile, so dirt does not stay on such a surface, and the windows retain their perfect appearance for many years
Various color schemes (laminated, varnished, aluminum overlays).
It allows you to make windows not only of traditional rectangular shape, but also complex shaped structures: round, triangular, trapezoidal.

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