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Fabric roller blinds - нове слово в створенні сучасного і унікального виду Вашого приміщення
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Day-night systems
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Описание Fabric roller blinds

The use of fabric blinds (as many people call roller blinds) is a new word in creating a modern and unique design for residential and office spaces. They combine the practicality of window blinds and the comfort of classic textiles. The widest choice of colors, textures and patterns will easily “fit” the novelty into any interior. Bright accents or a restrained tone, hidden by the lace window fabric, or their updated look – everything can become a reality thanks to roller blinds by the SUNNY trademark. But roller blinds are not only an original style. This is a really practical solution, a cozy home and just a bargain.
Depending on the chosen system, roller blinds for windows are mounted directly on frames, walls, and even ceilings. Different mounting methods allow you to install them at any distance from the glass. In small rooms, mounting on the frame will free up the window sill and expand the space. In large rooms, elegant curtains covering the entire opening will become an original decoration

Type of installation
on the window frame, in the wall and on the ceiling
Reliable mechanisms ensure a long service life of the entire structure
The curtains can be fixed at any level to adjust the degree of illumination of the room
Easy to care for
Thanks to antistatic impregnation, dust does not settle on them, and household dirt is easily removed from the surface without cleaning agents
The possibility of replacing the fabric allows you to add variety to the interior according to your mood or season
The choice of textiles pleases with a wide range. Hundreds of types of fabrics and colors are available
Different densities of natural fabric - from translucent openwork materials to impenetrable barriers that provide 100% shading. For sunny or, on the contrary, too dark rooms, where a unique play of light and shadow is created with the help of roller blinds on the windows
For all the practicality and high quality of roller blinds, the price has dropped significantly in recent years, reaching the cost of traditional blinds
The functionality of curtains is much higher. The main difference between roller blinds and both vertical and horizontal screens is the ability to smoothly adjust natural light. With their help, it is easy to soften or muffle the bright sunlight, and at night to fence off from street lamps. It will also be easy to slightly change the light intensity by leaving the curtains slightly raised
The exceptional decorativeness, variety and simplicity of textile roller blinds significantly expand the scope of their application. They are widely used in the design of offices, restaurants and entertainment centers, where special requirements are imposed on the interior style

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