Вхідні металеві двері САГАН


Entrance metal door “Sagan” - the door behind which you feel safe
Standard series
"Classic" series
Metal-MDF series
Описание Entrance metal door “Sagan”

Entrance doors “Sagan”
We specialize in the sale and installation of high-quality armored doors for houses, apartments, offices from TM Sagan.

Constant research of the entrance door market allows us to keep track of new technological processes and design solutions in time, which allows us to provide our customers with better products of a modern level.

Features of doors from the company “Sagan”
Having many years of experience in the production and installation of armored doors, understanding what responsibility and quality of production are, taking care of our reputation – we can guarantee the quality of our products with 100% confidence.
Sagan has been cooperating with leading hardware manufacturers for a long time. That’s why our armored doors can be equipped with almost any locks, handles, eyes at an affordable price.
The price of Sagan TM doors is attractive. For each client, we individually select the optimal equipment for the armored door, offering a price that is difficult to refuse.
We do not “clone” our products and work on each order individually. Our design solutions for door design and finishing are limited only by your imagination and taste.
All our armored doors have quality certificates.
You can view our model range, equipment and door finishes by visiting our office and studying the catalogs. This will help you place your order in the near future.
Contact us and we will make any door product for you.

Opportunities with doors from Sagan
place an order for an exclusive armored door;
to choose components;
get a consultation;
dismantle your old door;
get a quality installation.
With our armored door you will feel only pride and protection!

"Classic" series
A popular collection of armored doors by Sagan designed for apartments, private houses and offices. The high demand for doors of this series is due to the optimal price-quality ratio. For an affordable price, the buyer receives a high-quality and reliable product with a modern laconic design that reliably protects apartments, houses and offices from unauthorized entry, cold and noise.
Standard series
The Standard collection of armored doors by Sagan is a combination of design ideas, many years of experience and a fine sense of style. Standard is a series of high-end reliable steel doors that provide the maximum level of protection and security.
Metal-MDF series
A new series of armored doors by Sagan with a hammered coating. The advantage of this coating is that it can be installed in almost any environment. The hammer coating does not fade under direct sunlight and does not deteriorate from moisture. Metal entrance doors with a hammered coating are less susceptible to mechanical damage due to their durable outer surface. Thanks to this, the doors of the Metal-MDF series are ideal for private residential buildings, offices, warehouses, etc.
MDF panels are 10 or 12 mm thick. Moisture resistant MDF panel is covered with PVC film.
It is possible to manufacture 32 models of steel doors with a variety of designs, finishes and accessories. Thanks to this, any buyer will be able to choose exactly the Sagan armored entrance door that will organically fit into the interior of the apartment or the exterior of the house.
In the production of armored entrance doors, new PVC finishing materials imitating the natural colors of valuable wood are used. More than 50 colors are available according to the catalog. The shade of the door leaf finish on the outside and inside of the product can be made in the same or different variants - at the request of the customer.
"FUARO", кут огляду 180 градусів. Можлива установка відеоглазка.
MDF 12 mm, laminated with PVC film 0.35 mm. Width 70 mm.
Color of fittings
Possibility to choose fittings with a chrome or golden finish.
Single-leaf - up to 960x2100, double-leaf - up to 1600x2300, transom - 1050x3100 One and a half with transom - up to 1600x3100.
Profile pipe 80x40x2 with a quarter (2 sealing contours).
Turned with bearings 21x110 3 pieces, opening angle 180 degrees.
Profile pipe 50x25x1.5 with one vertical stiffener, metal sheet 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm (optional) An additional inner metal sheet can be installed.
Rubber "SANOK".
Mineral wool. Optionally, the box can be insulated.
Stainless steel
PVC film
Excellent moisture resistance. Resistant to mechanical stress, weathering and low temperatures. Resistance to UV rays. High durability. Environmental friendliness. Design.

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