Window sills and ebbs and flows - Okna system


Window sills and ebbs and flows - necessary items for installation and interior for windows
PLASTOLIT window sills - easy to maintain
PLASTOLIT window sill - does not fade in the sun
PLASTOLIT window sills - high strength
Описание Window sills and ebbs and flows

In almost every home, the window sill is a favorite place to place flower pots, various figurines and other little things that are dear to the heart. Recently, the window sill has also become one of the most important interior items that can sparkle with unusually bright colors. Window sills have different types of coating – matte and glossy. The width of the window sill can be from 100 to 700 mm in 50 mm increments.

Material of window sills
Covering window sills
1. Matte 2. Satin 3. Glossy
Sizes of window sills
Width - from 100 to 700 mm Length - up to 6 meters. Thickness - 20 mm.
Material of the tides
Galvanized metal
Covering the tides
Primed gray / painted white
Dimensions of the tides
Width - from 50 to 400 mm Length - up to 3.5 meters Thickness - 0.42 mm
Plastolit - scratch resistant Plastolit - completely waterproof
Color retention
Plastolit - does not fade in the sun
Environmental friendliness
Plastolit - made from environmentally friendly materials
Heat resistance
Plastolit - you can place hot and cold dishes
Easy to care for
Plastolit - ordinary detergents are used in cleaning
Available colors
1. White - glossy and matte 2. Gray Marble - glossy and matte 3. Wenge - glossy and matte 4. Golden Oak - glossy and matte 5. Beige - glossy 6. Rustic oak - glossy

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