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Wooden or plastic windows? Environmental standards for glazing


A healthy and environmentally friendly space in which people live and work is an important issue that has been very acute in recent decades and is only becoming more urgent every year. Therefore, compliance with environmental standards must be taken into account when designing, choosing materials and building both residential buildings and office, public and educational premises. With regard to glazing, it is safe to say that plastic windows are the most environmentally and energy-efficient choice, proven by decades of use of PVC windows around the world.

It would seem that wooden windows are more suitable for glazing an environmentally friendly house. However, in order for them to serve for a more or less acceptable period of time, wood is treated with special impregnations that protect against pests and fungus, moisture damage, drying out and cracking in direct sunlight. In addition, wooden windows need to be periodically painted or varnished, as well as insulated and sealed for the winter, otherwise heat loss through cracks and loose joints between glass, sashes, and frames cannot be avoided.

Plastic windows do not have all these disadvantages:

  • they do not require insulation or sealing, as they have maximum tightness, which prevents the formation of drafts, blowing and heat loss;
  • plastic windows do not need to be painted or varnished, as their surface is perfectly flat and smooth, it does not crack, does not warp, withstands significant temperature changes, direct sunlight and frost with winds;
  • external and practical properties of pvc windows remain unchanged throughout the entire period of operation of the windows, which is at least several decades!
  • plastic windows have the highest heat and energy efficiency, maximum noise insulation and meet the environmental standards for the arrangement of residential premises.

The material used to manufacture plastic windows is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an absolutely harmless and environmentally friendly substance made from ethylene (a by-product of oil refining) and bound chlorine derived from common rock salt. The safety of these substances, their production and the resulting finished products for the environment, human life and health is confirmed by the relevant regulatory documents, certificates and international environmental standards.

That is why the so-called “smart homes” with passive heating, water and energy supply systems (a new progressive step in the construction of eco-housing) are in most cases equipped with plastic windows made of multi-chamber profile systems and energy-saving double-glazed windows. Such windows are perfectly integrated into the ecosystem of the house.

To buy plastic windows means to organize a healthy and environmentally friendly space that is reliably protected from heat loss, drafts and blowing, the penetration of extraneous noise and precipitation. You can always get advice and order high-quality pvc windows at the company “Okna System” in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region!

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