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Windows in Yuzhnoukrainsk: from economy segment to premium products


The window market has recently undergone significant changes due to a decline in the purchasing power of the population, which is typical for almost all market segments. There is a shift in customer interest towards the most affordable offers, often to the detriment of product quality. Unfortunately, metal-plastic windows are no exception in this regard. Nevertheless, the company “Okna System” strives to meet all the needs of consumers, including those related to the quality and innovation of products.

On the one hand, it is quite understandable that consumers want to save money when buying windows, as they are not a necessity. On the other hand, given the rapidly rising heating prices and constant efforts to keep the heat in the room, the cost of installing high-quality windows can be considered an investment that will ensure the preservation and saving of heat in the room for more than a decade!

Metal-plastic windows of the company “Okna System”

Our offer of windows in Yuzhnoukrainsk is a wide and high-quality product line from the economy segment to premium products designed for the most demanding customers who appreciate the quality, comfort and high functionality of windows.

We can offer our customers high-quality window systems at a budget price with a high degree of tightness and thermal insulation, for example REHAU Euro Design 60 and REHAU Euro Design 70 German concern REHAU, one of the European leaders in the production of metal-plastic profile systems. The quality and reliability of these systems has been proven over years of successful operation in both the European and Ukrainian markets. A window made of such a profile, equipped with a “warm” energy-saving double-glazed unit and high-quality fittings, will become a reliable barrier to heat loss from the room. With them, you will forget about unpleasant drafts and blowing through which precious heat evaporates.

For maximum protection of the room from heat loss and significant savings in energy consumption for heating, we offer an innovative profile system REHAU SYNEGO, which provides the best energy-saving and thermal protection effect to date. This 6-chamber system makes it possible to manufacture windows that meet the standards for dwellings with renewable and alternative energy sources, the so-called “passive” houses. Of course, the cost of such windows is quite high, but it fully justifies itself and pays off a hundredfold in energy and heat savings.

Thus, every consumer can order metal-plastic windows from us that best meet their requirements and needs, both in terms of quality and price. We love our customers and strive to give them the best!

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