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What windows to choose for a cottage and a country house?


Glazing of cottages, country houses and other private buildings where it is necessary to maintain a high level of comfort is very important. After all, an unsuccessful choice of window structures can negate many other advantages: high-quality insulation, ventilation system, energy saving, heat and noise insulation. That is why metal-plastic windows are an ideal option for modern buildings, especially those built according to the principles of a “smart home”.

It is metal-plastic windows that have the highest airtightness, sound insulation, heat and energy saving performance, which are optimal for buildings with active and passive heating systems. The use of new technologies and materials allows metal-plastic windows to combine both excellent light transmission and energy-saving properties. Such window constructions fill the house with light and air to the maximum, while saving heat and energy consumed for heating and air conditioning.

Metal-plastic windows from REHAU profile systems

Profile systems of the German concern REHAU have been used by Europeans for the manufacture of windows in cottages for more than 50 years and have proven to be reliable, energy-saving and durable structures with excellent consumer properties. They are the best way to cope with the problems of heat loss, and thus the energy spent on heating.

This is especially true for large window structures, because the trend of increasing the glazing area and the use of panoramic windows in cottages has only been growing in recent years. But the larger the window, the more significant the heat loss from the heated room, which leads to significant operating costs. REHAU windows help to solve the problem! They provide:

  • high performance in the field of heat and energy saving, as well as a reasonable price in terms of price-quality ratio, such as the 5-chamber profile system REHAU Euro-Design 70 with a heat transfer coefficient: Uf = 1.3 W / m² K / Rf ** = 0.77 m²K / W;
  • The highest possible energy saving performance to date is the 6-chamber REHAU GENEO profile system with a unique geometry, no steel reinforcement and no potential cold bridges;
  • sealed double-glazed windows with energy-saving glasses and a special coating that reflects the infrared (thermal) radiation spectrum, which in total increases the energy efficiency and thermal insulation of windows of any size.

If you are looking for modern window constructions for a cottage or a country house, with high quality, energy saving and aesthetic appearance – we definitely recommend metal-plastic windows! In addition, they look perfect both in the interior and exterior of the building, have a wide color palette, including wood shades and textures that are visually almost indistinguishable from natural wood.

You can order metal-plastic windows from REHAU profile systems from Okna System, which is an authorized partner of the REHAU concern and manufactures high-quality windows, doors and other translucent structures with excellent energy saving, reliability, durability, and protective properties.

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