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Warm windows are the most important weather in the house!


With the onset of winter cold, we begin to really appreciate the warmth in our homes, apartments, offices, favorite cafes and other places where we spend a lot of time. One famous song says: “the most important thing is the weather in the house”, and although these lines are about the sincere atmosphere in the family, the physical warmth in a real house is a very important component of a happy life! And one of the main factors in creating a comfortable indoor microclimate is warm windows.

What are truly warm windows?

These are durable, airtight and heat-retaining structures made using modern technologies from durable and safe materials. All these requirements are met by metal-plastic windows from Rehau profile systems manufactured by the Okna System company at its own production site.

For 12 years now, we have been authorized partners of Rehau in Ukraine, which allows us to produce high-quality windows from original German materials and components. And if we talk about warm windows, all the components that make them up are important:

  • Rehau multi-chamber system with the highest possible thermal insulation, such as the REHAU GENEO profile system, the heat transfer resistance of which is at least 1.05 m2C / W (profile package box + sash), and the absence of steel reinforcement eliminates heat loss through “cold bridges”;
  • an energy-saving double-glazed window equipped with glass with a special low-emission coating of silver ions that reflect thermal radiation of the infrared spectrum into the room; at the same time, the glass unit is filled with inert gas (which has a thermal conductivity lower than that of air) and is equipped with a warm spacer frame that prevents the formation of “cold bridges” in the edge zone of the glass unit;
  • triple circuit of highly elastic seals, thanks to which there are no such phenomena as blowing, drafts or heat loss due to loose joints;
  • high-quality fittings that provide a tight fit of all components and parts of the window, as well as allow you to ventilate the room without heat loss even in cold weather (micro-slot ventilation mode) – we use fittings from the German company WinkHaus, which guarantees the perfect functioning of the window without heat loss through the fittings.

Windows of this configuration act like a thermos: they retain heat as much as possible in winter cold, but in the summer heat they help to keep the room cool. It can be said that the “weather in the house” with such windows will always be comfortable, regardless of the season outside. What windows to order?

The company “Okna System” recommends ordering warm windows from Rehau profile systems with energy-saving double-glazed windows, thus solving the issue of the microclimate in the house for many years to come. In addition, you can significantly save on heating your home, because with the elimination of heat loss through the windows, the amount of heat energy used will be significantly reduced (according to some estimates, the savings can be up to 76%!).

As you can see, warm windows are a benefit in all respects

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