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Should I postpone the installation of new windows until spring?


Many of our customers have a question: is it possible to install plastic windows in late fall and winter, or is it better to wait until spring? After all, even in the warm season, window installation is associated with temporary inconveniences, when the window opening remains open while old structures are dismantled and new ones are installed.

We hasten to assure you that installation of plastic windows is possible in any season, including winter. Of course, winter installation has its own peculiarities and specifics, but all work is carried out so quickly that you will not have time to experience significant inconvenience! To dispel all doubts, we decided to answer common questions regarding the installation of windows in the cold season.

– Will the room temperature drop significantly while new windows are being installed?

In fact, the window opening remains empty for no more than 20-30 minutes, because all the preparatory work is done indoors. During this time, the temperature does not have time to drop too much and quickly recovers. The total time for replacing one standard-sized plastic window by one installation team is an hour and a half.

– Does low air temperature affect the quality of installation?

In the cold season, we install plastic windows using special techniques and materials that ensure impeccable installation quality, have greater adhesion to the adjacent mounting surfaces, and contain anti-freeze components. For example, “winter” foam for installation expands and rises at temperatures down to -15˚.

In addition to the foam, we use a special pre-compressed sealing tape (PST) made of polyurethane with water-repellent and vapor-permeable impregnation when installing windows in winter. Such a tape reliably protects the installation seam from moisture and ultraviolet radiation inside the structure, which guarantees high-quality and durable installation.

– Is it possible to install windows in frost below – 15˚С?

In our latitudes, an air temperature of -15˚ is not a common occurrence. Nevertheless, in this case, it is really worth waiting until the frost recedes a little. But even during such a period, you can call a measurer, take measurements and slowly choose the right plastic windows for you.

It must be said that installing windows in winter has its advantages: all possible installation flaws are detected almost immediately, and they can be quickly and easily eliminated. In addition, the workload of window production in the cold season is lower than in the summer, often the manufacturer makes discounts and promotional offers, thanks to which you can buy high-quality plastic windows much cheaper!

You can always order plastic windows and their installation at any time of the year in the company “Okna System”!

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