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Save heat with Rehau energy-saving windows


With the onset of the cold season and the first heating bills, the issue of heat saving is once again on the agenda. The constant rise in energy prices forces us to look for ways to reduce the cost of heating our premises and maximize the savings of the heat generated. One of these methods, the effectiveness of which has been proven in practice by thousands of consumers, is the installation of energy-saving windows from Rehau profile systems.

Rehau energy-saving windows allow you to comprehensively solve the issue of heat preservation in residential and work premises (offices, cafes, restaurants, shops, shopping and business centers, etc:)

  • Due to their high tightness, they eliminate drafts, blowing and heat loss through gaps in the frames or loose fit of the sashes (as is the case with wooden windows);
  • thanks to energy-efficient double-glazed windows, they retain heat in the room up to 70% more efficiently, as a special low-emission coating on the glass surface reflects the infrared thermal spectrum of radiation back into the room, acting like a mirror;
  • prevent the formation of “cold bridges” in the edge zone of the insulating glass unit (due to the warm spacer frame) and the profile system (due to the multi-chamber profile structure and the absence of steel reinforcement);
  • have a low thermal conductivity, so they not only retain heat in the cold season, but also coolness in the summer heat, that is, they act like a thermos.

The benefits of using energy-saving windows are obvious: saving heat and energy resources used to generate it. It remains to consider the cost of such windows compared to conventional metal-plastic structures.

Prices for energy-saving and “regular” windows

The cost of a single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window is approximately equal to the price of a double-glazed window without a special coating on the glass. But its thermal conductivity is much better and its weight is less. A single-chamber double-glazed unit does not exert as much pressure on the profile, hinges, and fittings as a two-chamber unit, let alone a three-chamber unit or more. And in “ordinary” metal-plastic windows, the issue of thermal protection was solved in this way – the more chambers in the glass unit, the warmer it is.

A single-chamber energy-saving double-glazed window is lightweight, does not distort visibility, does not wear out fittings and does not require material costs greater than a conventional double-glazed window. Therefore, the benefits of installing such windows are obvious, especially in modern smart homes and buildings of a high energy efficiency class (B+ and above).

You can order energy-saving Rehau windows at the best price in the company “Okna System”, especially during the winter months (from December 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019), taking advantage of the promotion “Windows are cheaper in winter” and buying windows with 10% savings!

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