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Rehau branded trims for perfectly designed windows


To make window constructions look really flawless and be protected as much as possible, we recommend an additional element of window arrangement – Rehau branded trims. They cover the installation elements between the window frame and the opening: mounting foam, sealant treatment, minor defects in slopes, etc. Externally, the cheeks perfectly match the windows from Rehau profile systems, as they are made of the same high-tech materials with the same color and texture.

The Rehau lintel is a hollow plastic profile with internal stiffeners, quite flexible and durable (made in Germany, so it has excellent quality, like all German products). It is attached to the window frame on the one hand and to the wall on the other with special nipples for self-tapping screws (hidden installation), which ensures invisible but reliable fixation of the gasket to the surface.

Installation is simple and quick, as the profile length of 6 meters and three widths (35, 50 and 80 mm) allow you to choose the right size of the cladding. The profile is easy to cut, does not deform, does not chip, and retains its operational and external properties throughout the entire service life.

Advantages of using Rehau grommets:

  • neat and complete appearance of the window structure;
  • protection of insulation and installation materials from external influences, moisture, steam, ultraviolet rays;
  • Concealed mounting method on nipples;
  • easy and fast window processing;
  • reliability, practicality and durability.

By using Rehau branded strips in all cases where window and door units are adjacent to openings, you can get a perfect construction with a perfect joint between the frame and the wall. At the same time, the trims themselves do not stand out and are almost invisible, as they have the same color and texture as the window profile.

If the windows are not white, then the trims are laminated in any shade of the RAL color palette or decorated using the Rehau Kaleido Color system, acquiring a designer appearance along with the window. In short, it is really an ideal addition to a modern window construction with wide aesthetic and practical properties!

You can order Rehau windows with branded casements, as well as professional installation of window structures, in the company “Okna System” in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region, by calling us at 097-884-92-18 or by visiting our office at 18 Independence Ave. Our managers will help you choose windows and all components in accordance with your needs, budget and aesthetic preferences!

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