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Plastic windows with sun protection glasses


As the summer season approaches, the protection of the room from excessive solar radiation and the heat associated with it becomes a hot topic. This is especially true for rooms with windows facing the south and southwest, where abundant direct sunlight causes obvious discomfort in the warm season. You can solve this problem in different ways, but plastic windows with sunscreen glasses will help to radically cope with it once and for all.

Sunscreen glass reflects excess solar heat energy, thereby preventing the windows from heating up, and thus the entire room. At the same time, different types of solar control glasses have different reflection and transmission coefficients in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectral ranges. After all, it is important that the glasses do not shade the space too much, do not interfere with the flow of daylight and do not distort the perception of colors.

Types of sun protection glasses

  • Mass-tinted sunscreen glasses have an absorbing effect, absorbing heat energy and light from the sun. Such glasses are painted in different colors, and the darker they are, the better the light protection, however, the less daylight of the visible spectrum enters the room: from 67 to 17% of the solar energy transmittance in the visible and infrared (heated) radiation range (for comparison, the solar energy transmittance of ordinary 4 mm thick glass is 87-89%);
  • Glass with applied tinted or mirrored sun protection films (colored and transparent). The film is applied to ordinary glass, reflects ultraviolet radiation, prevents the window from heating up, and simultaneously absorbs radiation to a small extent, eliminates the glare of the sun on a computer monitor and TV screen;
  • Transparent sunscreen glasses with a special coating on the inner surface are the most modern and effective type of protection against the infrared spectrum of radiation. Such glasses are characterized, along with a high degree of reflection of excess solar energy (almost 60%), by a high coefficient of visible daylight transmittance Kp.s – 75%. The glasses do not shade the room, are completely transparent, do not distort color perception, and their sun-protection effect is achieved by applying a thin layer of titanium oxide, which is invisible to the eye but perfectly reflects solar energy.

Modern technologies also offer self-cleaning sunscreen glasses (a special coating that decomposes dirt, bacteria and other organic matter when interacting with ultraviolet rays), combined and multifunctional glasses that combine the functions of protection from excessive sunlight with heat-saving properties in the cold season.

Replacement of windows with modern sun protection structures

If you need to effectively protect your room from the heat without using blinds that deprive the room of light or using air conditioning, which significantly increases your electricity bill and worsens the microclimate, we definitely recommend installing plastic windows with sun protection glass. If you already have plastic windows with conventional double-glazed windows, it’s time to replace them with sun-protection or multifunctional ones, which will not only save you from the heat in summer but also from the cold in winter.

You can order plastic windows with the functions you need, including sun protection, at any time convenient for you in the company “Okna System”. Call us by phone 097-884-92-18 (telephone/fax) in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region.

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