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Mosquito nets


With the advent of spring and until late autumn, the time comes when the question of protecting your home from mosquitoes, flies and various types of insects becomes acute. Mosquito nets installed on the windows do a good job of this task. There are several types of mosquito nets. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
1. Frame nets of the opening type. They are made of an aluminum profile with a size of 10×20 mm, canopies, latches, handles are used as accessories. This type of mesh is convenient to use because it can be opened at any time. Relatively low cost. Among the disadvantages is that it is quite difficult to install this type on already installed windows. If such a mesh is installed on the sunny side, plastic canopies and locks quickly collapse under the influence of solar radiation, fittings are destroyed, the mesh does not close and in a strong gust of wind, the mesh frame can break against the external slopes.
2. Frame nets of hidden type. They are made of an aluminum profile with a size of 11×31 mm, Z-shaped fasteners are used as fittings. There are no fasteners and fittings on the outside of the window, which makes this type of mesh very durable. Relatively low cost. Easy installation both on newly installed windows and on previously installed products.
3. Door-type frame mesh. They are made of an aluminum profile with a size of 17×25 mm, canopies, latches, handles are used as accessories. Similar to the first option, but due to the use of a more durable profile and fittings, it allows you to make large mesh sizes and not be afraid that they may break.
4. Roller nets. A very convenient and reliable option for mosquito nets. Allows you to make nets of this type of very large sizes. There is no need to remove the net from the window for the winter –
it is enough to simply roll it into a roll that is located under the protective box. Among the disadvantages is the higher cost compared to the previously discussed options.
5. Pleated mesh. A variant of the mesh that opens like an accordion. It is possible to produce both single-leaf and double-leaf versions of different sizes. This type of mesh is convenient for use on doorways.
When ordering nets, you should pay attention to the quality of the product’s fabric, they are different. We recommend that you pay attention to the “anti-cat” fabric – it is very dense and durable.
We remind you that before the winter period, it is recommended to remove the nets from the windows and put them away until spring.

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