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Metal-plastic windows in old houses


The faces of our cities are inexorably changing, becoming more modern and functional. At the same time, of course, historical buildings should be preserved for future generations, which often require repair, maintenance and replacement of worn-out structures. The windows in such buildings have often more than served their useful life, causing a lot of trouble: constant drafts, heat loss through dried out frames in winter, the need to paint and seal windows.

Is it possible to replace worn-out wooden windows in old houses with modern designs? Of course it is! By replacing wooden frames with metal-plastic windows, you will eliminate drafts, heat loss in winter and coolness in summer, blowing and inconvenience. In addition, windows made of PVC profiles do not require painting, insulation, gluing, and other additional time and money. Once you install such window structures, you will forget about window problems for several decades!

However, an important question arises: will the appearance of the facade of a historic building change after replacing old windows with metal-plastic structures? This question is easily solved thanks to the wide decorative and color possibilities of metal-plastic windows.

Design of metal-plastic windows for historic buildings

High-quality profile systems and the availability of special machines make it possible to bend the profile and give the windows a variety of shapes: arched, trapezoidal, round, oval, triangular. Since old buildings often have windows of non-standard shapes, serious window companies undertake the manufacture of non-standard metal-plastic structures that exactly repeat the shape of the previous windows. The cost of such structures is, of course, higher than the standard one, but they allow you to preserve the authenticity of historical windows and the building facade.

A wide range of laminating films for metal-plastic profiles makes it possible to choose the color of the window structure that will match the color of the old windows or other windows of the facade. Many laminating films imitate the color and texture of natural wood: pine, light and dark oak, bog oak, alder, cherry, walnut, mahogany and other wood species. Such metal-plastic windows do not differ from wooden windows in appearance at all, while having all the advantages of reliable metal-plastic structures.

If you want your windows to be white on the inside and have the color of the historic facade windows on the outside, order profile lamination only on the outside. If the inside of the windows will have some other color, you can laminate them with two types of films on the outside and inside.

As you can see, the possibilities of decorative design of metal-plastic windows are almost inexhaustible and can satisfy any requirements, which will help to replace windows in an old building without compromising the historical appearance of the building. You can order such window constructions at the company “Okna System” in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region


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