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How windows help to insulate a house


With the approach of cold weather, the issue of insulating houses and apartments is once again becoming relevant, because you don’t want the heat, which is so expensive today, to escape from the room. In addition, it is much easier and cheaper to heat a thoroughly insulated house. Windows play an important role in warming houses and keeping them warm. Of course, we are talking about metal-plastic windows made of high-quality profile systems and equipped with modern double-glazed windows and reliable fittings. Many have already appreciated the functional and protective qualities of such window structures.

What can metal-plastic windows do in terms of home insulation? Consider the main aspects that can not only save precious heat in the room, but also reduce heating costs in the cold season.


Metal-plastic windows are absolutely airtight structures that ensure that heat does not escape through cracks or gaps in the frame and sashes. Whereas wooden windows, no matter how carefully they are insulated with foam and sealed, cannot ensure the complete absence of heat loss through cracks, and it is the tightness of all surfaces that prevents warm air from leaving the room.

Structurally, the tightness of a metal-plastic window is ensured by a profile system with no “cold bridges”, several contours of highly elastic seals around the perimeter of the window, an absolutely airtight double-glazed unit filled with an inert gas whose thermal conductivity is much lower than that of air, as well as high-quality fittings that guarantee a tight fit and no drafts.

Heat saving

However, high-quality metal-plastic windows not only ensure tightness and preservation of all heat in the room, but also contribute to the preservation and saving of heat consumed for heating. For this purpose, the window construction is equipped with a special energy-saving (“warm”) double-glazed unit. It can save up to 76% of the heat in the room compared to an old wooden window!

A special feature of energy-saving (“warm”) double-glazed windows is a special coating on the glass surface from the inside. This is a very thin layer of metal oxides only a few microns thick. It is invisible to the eye and does not impair the light transmission of the window, but has the ability to reflect the infrared (thermal) spectrum of radiation. Thus, when the heat radiation from heating devices reaches the glass surface, it is reflected back into the room, staying in the room and reducing the need for additional heating.

No “cold bridges”

In addition to the double-glazed window, the multi-chamber system used to make the window also contributes to heat saving. The more chambers it has, the higher the heat-saving characteristics, since in the empty chambers of the profile, the air warms up and creates air cushions that slow down heat transfer. And if, in addition, there is no metal reinforcing liner in the profile system (as, for example, in the Rehau Geneo, where strong fiberglass is used instead of metal reinforcement), the danger of forming “cold bridges”, which also cause heat loss, is eliminated.

As a result, by installing modern sealed metal-plastic windows with energy-saving double-glazed windows and a multi-chamber profile system, you will reliably insulate your house or apartment for many years. At the same time, such windows will help to save on heating and reliably keep the heat inside the room even in the most severe cold.

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