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How to forget about drafts in the house forever?


With the onset of the first cold weather and a drop in the temperature in living quarters, we are reminded of drafts again. But they are not just annoying and uncomfortable, but also blow out precious heat from the room, seriously harm health and are especially dangerous for children, the sick, and the elderly. Is it possible to defeat drafts in the house and forget about them forever? Of course! And metal-plastic windows will help with this.

Metal-plastic windows effectively cope with drafts, protect health and create the most comfortable microclimate in the room. All this is possible thanks to the following properties inherent in high-quality metal-plastic windows:

  • Absolute tightness, which eliminates blowing and the appearance of drafts: the glass unit is sealed and equipped with special sealants, and its fastening in the frame is carried out in such a way that air leakage between the glass unit and the frame is almost impossible; at the same time, the frame and the window box are equipped with seals made of high-quality silicone material and reliably protect all joints and abutments from blowing;
  • High-quality fittings that ensure optimal clamping of sashes, mechanical components and abutments around the entire perimeter of the window: window handles, hinges, tilt-and-turn fittings are made in such a way that they do not cause drafts, while in wooden windows they are a “weak link”;
  • The ability to ventilate the room and provide fresh air flow without drafts and heat loss: special options for micro-slot and multi-stage ventilation, as well as ventilation valves that can be built into the window frame profile and provide automatic ventilation in a completely safe and invisible way;
  • Correct installation of metal-plastic windows with the use of special modern tools for reliable sealing of the installation seam.

By installing metal-plastic windows, you will forever forget about the need to insulate windows with foam rubber every fall and seal them with paper, cloth or tape, which is required for old wooden windows. This method, of course, reduces the intensity of blowing, but does not eliminate it, because the draft also penetrates through cracks in the dried wood of the window frame and the gaps between the glass and the frame. In addition, in the spring, you will have to remove all the materials used for insulation to open and wash the windows. The effectiveness of the old method of dealing with drafts is far from desirable, but it takes a lot of time and effort and requires constant expenses for the purchase of foam rubber, paper for pasting windows, etc.

If you want to forget about drafts and window insulation every fall to keep the house warm in autumn and winter weather, then installing high-quality metal-plastic windows will greatly contribute to creating a comfortable indoor climate for you and your loved ones. You can order metal-plastic windows from high-quality Rehau profile systems (Germany) at the Okna System company by choosing designs with the desired parameters, functions and price.

The company “Okna System” will offer you metal-plastic windows with the best indicators of tightness, protection against drafts and blowing, with functional and reliable fittings made in Germany or Austria, and will also carry out the correct installation of windows at your facility with a quality guarantee.

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