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How to choose accessories for metal-plastic windows?


If you decide to replace old windows with new modern window constructions, you will need to carefully consider the choice of all components when ordering. It is the quality and functional characteristics of the components that will determine how long and successfully your metal-plastic windows will serve you.

One of the most important components of the window is the hardware, which directly affects the functional properties and options of the window, their tightness, durability, protective and other functions. Low-quality fittings can lead to various problems and difficulties during operation and even to premature failure of the window structure.

The main functions that window fittings should be able to perform are:

  • opening / closing the window (tilt and turn fittings);
  • ventilation (fixation of the sash in several positions for different ventilation modes, including micro-slit or “winter” ventilation);
  • locks (“child locks” that securely fix the window handle and prevent the child from turning it);
  • functional protection: a microlift to prevent sagging of the sashes in the closed position, a lock against closing the sashes in a draft, a false opening blocker and other useful options;
  • anti-burglary protection (special fittings that prevent the window from being broken into from outside the room).

When choosing accessories for a window, you should decide which of the functions are necessary for you specifically: whether the window needs a multi-stage ventilation system (for example, in a bedroom), reliable locking elements (a window in a children’s room), and burglar protection (window structures on the first and last floors of buildings). By carefully choosing the hardware options, you will get a comfortable and functional window that will serve you reliably for decades.

In addition to functional characteristics, you need to pay attention to the quality of the manufacturer’s hardware. It is better to give preference to proven and reliable manufacturers of window fittings that have been operating on the market for a long time and have earned a reputation as reliable and responsible performers.

High-quality fittings are strong, durable and wear-resistant, all its elements are solid and have a special coating that is resistant to corrosion and other adverse effects. Considering the load to which the hardware of a metal-plastic window is constantly exposed, it is better not to save money and equip the window with really reliable and durable hardware that will delight you with its flawless work for many years. This is exactly the kind of hardware offered by the company “Okna System” to its customers!

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