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How to avoid heat loss with panoramic glazing


Glazing of residential, commercial, public and art spaces with large floor-to-ceiling windows has been a global design trend for years. And of course, the beautiful panoramic view of the city, park or pond from the window is worth it! In addition, such glazing gives the room a stylish look, fills it with light and air, and allows you to admire the surroundings without leaving the room. However, large windows can have a significant drawback – high heat loss in the cold season.

As you know, translucent structures have a higher thermal conductivity than building walls, so their heat loss is correspondingly higher. Is it possible to avoid this phenomenon without denying yourself such an attractive and spectacular type of glazing as panoramic? Of course it is! Advanced technologies and modern materials will help.

For panoramic windows to be warm and protect against heat loss, they must be made of a high-quality multi-chamber profile system with high thermal insulation characteristics, as well as heat-saving double-glazed windows with a special coating on the glass surface. Here is an example of such a package:

  • the six-chamber Rehau Geneo profile system manufactured by the German concern Rehau with unique thermal and physical characteristics, which is ideal for panoramic glazing: maximum protection against heat loss, no steel reinforcement, lightweight construction (40% lighter than conventional metal-plastic structures), which is important for a large glazing area;
  • energy-saving double-glazed window with low-emission coating on the glass surface, which prevents up to 76% of heat loss compared to a conventional window, and also reduces the heating of the window structure in the summer heat, as it reflects part of the infrared spectrum of solar radiation.

By installing such metal-plastic windows, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view from the window all year round without feeling any inconvenience or cold. The room will be warm in winter and cool in summer, and heating and air conditioning bills can be significantly reduced, as sealed windows will provide a comfortable indoor climate without drafts, blowing and heat loss.

You can order Rehau metal-plastic windows, including large glazing areas, with energy-saving double-glazed windows and high-quality modern fittings at the company “Okna System” in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region. We will help you choose the most optimal glazing option for your facility, calculate the cost and place an order for windows on the most favorable terms for you


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