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How metal-plastic windows protect against cold weather


During the cold season, you especially want to keep your home, apartment, workplace and leisure activities warm. Windows, which can have both low and high protective and heat-saving capabilities, are largely responsible for protecting the room from cold penetration. For example, up to 40% of precious heat goes outside through old windows with dried out wooden frames! If they are carefully insulated and sealed, the losses can be reduced to 15-20%, which is still not insignificant, especially given the ever-increasing heating bills.

What is the solution? Definitely, modern metal-plastic windows made of high-quality profile systems! They provide 100% airtightness and reliable protection of the room from heat loss, drafts, and blowing. You do not have to insulate such windows, seal them for the winter, repeating this laborious procedure from year to year. In addition, metal-plastic windows do not need periodic painting, puttying and other types of additional work! They retain their attractive appearance throughout the entire service life, do not fade in the sun, do not change color, do not warp, do not crack, and can withstand any weathering.

Heat saving skyscrapers

The protective properties of metal-plastic windows are significantly increased if they are equipped with special heat-saving double-glazed windows. What is their peculiarity:

  • glass with a special low-emission surface coating (i-glass), which reflects the infrared (thermal) spectrum of radiation – i.e. E. Heat emanating from heating devices does not pass through the glass, but is reflected from its surface and returns to the room;
  • warm spacer frame, which eliminates cold bridges and helps to preserve heat in the edge zone of the glass unit;
  • filling the inter-glass space with an inert gas whose thermal conductivity is much lower than that of air.

Heat-saving double-glazed windows with high quality characteristics can save up to 70% of heat compared to standard wooden windows! That is why the installation of such windows is beneficial in all respects: you will not only forget about the cold in the room, but also save a lot on heating.

You can order high quality and reliable metal-plastic windows made of German REHAU profile systems with heat-saving double-glazed windows at the Okna System company. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment, answer all your questions, advise in detail and help you place an order for windows on the most favorable terms!

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