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Glazing of windows of complex geometric shapes


If you need to glaze windows that have non-standard dimensions or complex geometric shapes (arches, trapezoids, polygons, portal and bay systems), you need to choose a window manufacturer with great care and responsibility. In some buildings (especially historical or design buildings), windows are rich in original and distinctive solutions of architects, and to bring them to life in a high-quality manner, professionalism and experience in working with complex structures are required from window masters.

Not all window constructions can be suitable for glazing complex openings in such a way as to ensure high-quality functioning and not spoil the original facade of the building. Metal-plastic windows are one of the best options in this regard:

  • they are made of almost any shape, configuration, size, opening method;
  • can have different colors and textures, allowing you to choose windows of any appearance and style to any facade;
  • provide optimal protection against adverse weather conditions, precipitation, wind, dust;
  • keep the room as warm as possible in the cold season and cool in the heat;
  • practical, do not require special care;
  • durable, do not lose quality and external characteristics throughout the entire period of operation.

However, metal-plastic windows can be of different quality and levels of functionality. For windows of complex geometric shapes, it is necessary to select structures of only high quality and reliability, they will be able to withstand the increased loads to which such windows are usually subjected. Structures of inadequate quality can deform over time, which will lead to a violation of geometric proportions, sagging sashes, excessive load on the fittings, drafts, cracks in the glass unit and other problems.

To avoid such troubles, and to ensure that the windows serve you faithfully for many years, carefully consider choosing a high-quality profile system for the window. It should be multi-chambered (at least 3 chambers), have a steel reinforcing liner that ensures rigidity and stability of the structure, and the thickness of the outer wall of the profile should be at least 3 mm. Such a profile system will be able to cope with the high-quality functioning of a window of a complex shape without defects and breakdowns.

An important factor in the reliable service of the window is also its correct installation. Metal-plastic windows, even with the best profile system, but installed with violations, will not provide quality protection and reliable operation. Therefore, windows, especially those of complex shapes, should be installed only by professionals with relevant experience and knowledge. It is best if the windows are manufactured and installed by specialists of the same company, then the warranty will be provided both for the structures themselves and for their installation, and in case of defects, you will know to whom to file a claim.

You can order metal-plastic windows made of high-quality Rehau profile systems (Germany) for glazing structures of complex geometric shapes at the Okna System company in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region. We will provide excellent products, a high level of service and a guarantee for both windows and their installation.

You can invite a glazier to your facility and get advice on glazing, which is especially important in the case of non-standard sizes and shapes of window structures. Call us by phone 097-884-92-18 or come to the office!

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