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Energy-saving windows: economic benefits


Installing modern energy-saving window structures in an apartment, house, office, or public building can provide significant economic benefits to both building owners, investors, and developers. Therefore, when installing metal-plastic windows with energy-saving components, you should consider them as an investment in the comfort and safety of the premises, which will also bring economic benefits.

Energy-saving windows help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings, and hence the cost of their operation, which is very important for both budget organizations and individual families, since the cost of heating and electricity is growing at a tremendous pace, which cannot be said about income.

According to various studies, the installation of energy-saving windows in buildings reduces energy losses compared to losses through traditional windows by up to 44%! If we take into account that the largest amount of heat loss from the room occurs through cracks and loose window and balcony door sills, as well as due to thermal radiation from the windows themselves, the total heat loss can be 42-62%. We simply “heat” the street, spending a lot of money on it!

Replacing old windows with sealed metal-plastic constructions effectively solves the problem of heat loss, while energy-saving windows not only avoid heat loss but also save heat and energy consumption due to their design and functional features:

  • multi-chamber system, devoid of “cold bridges” and other factors that increase the thermal conductivity of the structure;
  • energy-saving double-glazed unit equipped with a special glass with a low-emission coating of metal oxides, which reflects the thermal (infrared) spectrum of radiation from the glass surface back into the room;
  • a “warm” spacer frame that would reduce the thermal conductivity of the insulating glass unit; filling the insulating glass unit with an inert gas (argon, krypton), which also reduces the rate of heat rays passing through the insulating glass unit;
  • several sealing contours made of highly elastic silicone material, which adds tightness to the window structure around the perimeter;
  • High-quality fittings that ensure tight clamping of the sash and window mechanisms.

By installing such windows, you will no longer be heating the street in vain: all the heat from heating devices will remain indoors, and the energy-saving properties of energy-efficient windows will reduce the amount of heat consumed by saving it. This is economically beneficial not only for individual families living in standard apartments or detached houses, but also for organizations that spend a lot of money on heating their buildings.

You can order energy-saving windows of high quality and optimal equipment in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region, in the company “Okna System” by calling 097-884-92-18 or directly in the office.

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