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Do plastic windows protect against heat?


Can plastic windows protect from the heat? After all, with the onset of summer, when city streets melt from the heat, living and working spaces need additional protection to keep the microclimate at home, at work and on vacation cool and comfortable. Of course, modern plastic windows do an excellent job of this, as consumers in many countries, including the south, have already seen.

Undoubtedly, the most reliable way to protect a room from the heat is to install air conditioners in it. But not everyone tolerates air conditioning well (it is not recommended to install them in a child’s room at all), air conditioners can cause exacerbation of allergic diseases, fail under high loads and consume additional electricity, the cost of which is constantly growing. Against this background, plastic windows are characterized by perfect harmlessness, reliability, and efficiency of protective functions. Once you have installed sun-protective plastic windows, you do not need to make constant additional investments in their maintenance and support of functionality, which will save you money and ensure indoor comfort.

How is the sun protection effect achieved when installing plastic windows?

Sun protection glass unit

With the advent of innovative sunscreen glasses, it has become possible to significantly reduce the penetration of thermal infrared waves of the solar spectrum through such glasses. A special low-emission coating of metal oxides is applied to the surface of the glass facing the inside of the insulating glass unit, which partially reflects and partially absorbs the infrared spectrum of radiation.

The level of wave reflection may vary depending on the thickness of the special coating. Even with maximum coverage, its thickness is several microns, which does not exceed the thickness of a human hair. Such a coating is almost invisible to GALAZ, it does not interfere with light transmission, does not shade the room and does not distort the color rendering – the window is completely transparent.

Due to the fact that the sun protection coating on the glass is inside the sealed double-glazed unit, it is not damaged or destroyed during the entire service life of the plastic window.

An additional factor that reduces the heating of the room in the heat is filling the inter-glass space in the double-glazed unit with an inert gas. The gas partially absorbs infrared waves, reducing the transfer of heat from the outer glass of the double-glazed unit to the inner glass, which also reduces the overall thermal effect.

Multi-chamber profile system

The multi-chamber system made of high-quality raw materials also serves as a reliable barrier to the penetration of hot air into the room. The profile contains special cavities filled with air that reduce heat transfer between the system chambers. The more such chambers a profile system contains, the higher its protective properties are.

High-quality fittings

High-quality window fittings provide an optimal clamping density around the entire perimeter of the plastic window, which not only prevents the formation of drafts and blowing, but also prevents hot air from entering the room. For ventilation, such fittings contain a number of options that allow for safe ventilation while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Additional accessories

For additional protection of the room from hot sunlight, blinds or shutters are used, which can also have special heat-resistant coatings and protect the room from overheating.

If the windows of your home or office face south or southwest, installing plastic windows will help protect the room from hot sunlight and overheating for many years without additional costs and unnecessary hassle. You can buy plastic windows at the office of the company “Okna System” in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region, or on the website by filling out the form “Order windows”. You can also call us at 097-884-92-18.

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