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Children’s window lock for the safety of kids


Children are our main value, so their safety should always be a priority! It should be remembered that open windows pose a serious threat to a child’s life, but with the onset of warm weather, windows are often opened for ventilation. And curious little fidgets can open them themselves, trying to explore the unknown world outside the window. Therefore, the company “Okna System” strongly recommends that those who have kids at home install special locks on the windows.

Child locks for windows are locking mechanisms that will not allow the child to open the window on their own, even if it is in the ventilation mode. These are reliable and easy-to-use devices of various types, which allows you to choose a lock of the most suitable design for a children’s room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or other rooms where children spend time and can be left unattended by adults.

Types of children’s window locks:

  • A metal latch is a simple and affordable opening blocker that is installed at the bottom of the profile and, when the lever is turned to the vertical position, does not allow the sash to be opened;
  • Child lock, which is installed in tilt-and-turn windows at the bottom of the profile and blocks the movement of the sash by turning the key. At the same time, the sash retains the ability to tilt for ventilation;
  • A window handle with a key is an effective means of child and anti-burglary security. It is installed instead of a conventional window handle and, with the help of a key lock, locks the sash both in the fully closed position and in the ventilation mode. Also, such a handle can be equipped with a button that locks the window, and unlocking is done with a key;
  • Opening limiter with a cable, which is installed between two fasteners on the frame and sash and allows you to open the window at a small fixed angle for ventilation.

Child locks of different designs have different degrees of reliability. For example, older children can figure out the latch mechanism and turn the lever to open the window, so this tool is more suitable for toddlers. But a window handle with a lock is guaranteed not to be opened by a child (unless you leave a key in the lock, of course). Choose a locking mechanism according to the age of the children and the level of protection you want to provide.

You can buy a child lock and install it on the windows both during the installation of window structures and later – at any time of operation. The company “Okna System” will provide a selection of different security mechanisms and advise in detail on the features of using each of them. Install child locks on your windows and take care of the safety of your kids!

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