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Caring for plastic windows after the winter season


The onset of steady spring heat is the right time to take care of your plastic windows, put them in order after the winter, check the performance of all components and mechanisms, and carry out preventive maintenance and cleaning. How to do it right, what to look for and what means to use when caring for them so as not to harm the profile system or window fittings?

The company “Okna System” has been manufacturing, installing, servicing and repairing plastic windows for more than 15 years. During this time, we have gained considerable experience in all aspects of the production and operation of uPVC windows, so we can give comprehensive recommendations on the proper and safe care of metal-plastic structures.

Care of PVC profile frame

The PVC profile is cleaned with an ordinary soap solution using a sponge or a soft cloth. You can also use special profile care compounds produced by some window manufacturers.
Do not clean the PVC profile with products containing abrasive grit or aggressive components, as well as solvents, gasoline, and alcohol. Also, do not use sponges made of hard materials or sharp objects (knives, screwdrivers, scrapers). The use of such tools and instruments can damage the surface protective layer of the profile.

Caring for a double-glazed window

You can clean the glass unit with any glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
Do not use powdered detergents and do not remove dirt from the glass with sharp objects, as the scratches that appear reduce the transparency of the glass unit.

Caring for the fittings

Clean the moving parts and the places where the fittings are blocked with a dry, clean cloth, and then lubricate them with machine oil or a special compound for window fittings. Apply the oil with a brush. It is also necessary to check the correctness of installation and wear of critical hardware parts, and if necessary, adjust the hardware in accordance with the requirements of the sash overlap on the frame and the required clamping force.
Do not adjust the hardware in the area of the lower hinge and upper scissors yourself, as well as replace parts, remove or hang the sashes. These procedures should be carried out only by trained specialists, otherwise the functionality of the window may be seriously affected.

Care for the seals

Rubber seals are cleaned of dirt using a well-absorbing cloth with a glycerin solution or spray silicone, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the seals and their ability to trap drafts and moisture, as well as increase the service life of the material. It is also recommended to reduce the degree of sash pressing by 1 mm in the warm season by adjusting the locking strips.

Care for the drainage system

Drainage channels (drainage holes), which serve to remove moisture accumulating inside the window and ventilate the internal cavities of frames and sashes, must be inspected and, if clogged, cleaned of accumulated debris.

You can order professional diagnostics, adjustment, cleaning and repair (if necessary) of plastic windows in our company, as we have our own service department and extensive experience in servicing metal-plastic structures. Take care of your windows, and they will serve you faithfully for decades!

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