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About choosing a double-glazed window: needs and solutions


A double-glazed unit has a significant impact on the properties of a window and its functionality, and the different physical properties of the glasses used allow for the efficient solution of various tasks. Therefore, you should choose a double-glazed window based on the needs of the room. Metal-plastic windows can provide the room with protection against various adverse factors: overheating in summer, heat loss in winter, protection against excessive noise, as well as a comprehensive solution to all these problems.

Metal-plastic windows can be equipped with such double-glazed units at the customer’s choice:

  • sunscreen;
  • heat-saving;
  • soundproofing;
  • multifunctional (energy-saving).

Heat-saving double-glazed windows will protect you from heat loss through windows in the cold season. They have maximum airtightness, which eliminates drafts and blowing at the junctions. The inner surface of the glass has the thinnest (invisible to the eye) coating of metal oxides, which reflects thermal radiation from the glass surface back into the room. Thus, precious heat remains inside, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Hot summers can cause some discomfort if your home (apartment, office, country house) overheats during the day. If the windows face the south or southwest side of the building or have a large glazing area exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend installing solar control glass units. They block the transmission of thermal energy (infrared radiation), which significantly reduces the percentage of glass heating and heat transfer to the interior. At the same time, light penetrates into the room without hindrance, without shading it.

Soundproof double-glazed windows absorb up to 40% of the noise that enters your home from busy city streets, highways, construction sites and other noisy places that disturb peace and quiet. Such double-glazed windows are able to maintain a comfortable level of noise protection even in the immediate vicinity of noise sources (construction sites, industrial zones, traffic intersections, etc.).

All the protective properties of glass can be combined in a multifunctional double-glazed unit to maximize the protection of the room from all adverse factors. The outer surface of the glass reflects the sun’s rays, preventing overheating, while the inner surface reflects heat energy from heating devices. This combination helps to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, achieving a good energy-saving effect. The insulating glass unit provides noise protection, maintaining an optimal level of silence for good rest and productive work.

By choosing a double-glazed unit according to your needs, you will protect your premises and ensure coziness and comfort. If you need help in choosing a double-glazed window, please contact our manager-consultants by phone 097-884-92-18 or directly to the office of “Okna System” at the address: Independence Avenue, 18, Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region.

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