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Metal-plastic windows and doors in Yuzhnoukrainsk


If you live in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region, the best solution is to order windows or doors from a local company that has its own production and provides a guarantee for the products. This is exactly what Okna System is. At our own production facilities, using modern high-tech equipment, we manufacture metal-plastic windows and doors of high quality and excellent performance in volumes of up to 100 metal structures per shift.

For the manufacture of windows and doors, we use profile systems of the German concern REHAU, which are known worldwide for their excellent consumer properties and aesthetic appearance. These are strong, durable, reliable profile systems with various indicators of heat and sound insulation: from the budget 3-chamber REHAU Euro Design 60 systems to the new generation of window structures with special technical characteristics, lack of steel reinforcement and unique design – REHAU GENEO.

Windows and doors from the company “Okna System”

We complement REHAU profile systems with high-quality double-glazed windows and European-style fittings, thanks to which our metal-plastic structures have the following advantages:

  • energy efficiency and excellent heat saving performance, including “warm double-glazed windows” with a special coating on the glass surface that reflects the infrared (thermal) radiation spectrum and helps to keep the heat in the room;
  • tightness and reliable protection against external atmospheric influences, including the elimination of drafts, blowing, heat loss through cracks or loose joints;
  • Significant sound insulation, which allows you to keep the room quiet and comfortable (which is especially important if your windows overlook a highway, noisy street or construction site);
  • anti-shock and anti-burglary properties, which are realized with the help of impact glass and special fittings (in demand for residents of the first and last floors, buildings of financial institutions, etc.);
  • durability – the service life of metal-plastic structures made of REHAU profile systems is at least 40 years with the preservation of all consumer and visual characteristics;
  • ease of maintenance, no need for seasonal insulation, periodic painting or updating;
  • environmental friendliness – metal-plastic windows are absolutely safe for humans and the environment, in addition, they save wood and preserve the life of trees.

If your windows or doors have a non-standard shape and size, then the choice of metal-plastic structures will be the best option, as it allows you to create products of various configurations with individual characteristics, sizes, types of opening, color solutions.

Where to buy metal-plastic windows in Yuzhnoukrainsk

If you decide to buy metal-plastic windows in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Mykolaiv region, we invite you to the company “Okna System”! Our central office is located at Independence Avenue, 18 (former Lenin Street), phone 097-884-92-18 . You can also write to us by e-mail and ask all the necessary questions about ordering windows, doors, balcony frames and other translucent structures.

Experienced specialists will help you choose the profile system, double-glazed unit, and fittings of the type that will best meet your needs and the glazing parameters of the facility. Our installation team will install metal-plastic windows and doors in full compliance with the installation requirements, so that the structures will serve as long and reliably as possible! We provide a guarantee for all manufactured and installed products, carry out warranty and post-warranty service.

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